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12 Top Trending Pin Badge Designs and Types from Custom Badges UK

Pin badges are considered a unique yet classic form of expression. You can never go wrong with them, whether you want to make a style statement or wear them to signify something.

However, choosing a pin badge design with a suitable type from a variety of collections is difficult. Though it is a small accessory, carrying it aptly depicts a great fashion sense.

So, to enhance the whole look of your attire, we have brought you some of the latest and trending pin badge designs along with the badge type.

This will simply make you the star of the show and you will look outstanding!

“Excited?” Then, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and add some to your favorites now!

Some Coolest and Trending Pin Badge Designs and Types

Type and Design 1: Soft Enamel Pin Badges and Vivid Imagery

Type: Soft Enamel Pin Badges

Design: Vivid Imagery

If you are a fan of imaginative and detailed designs, then these types of custom badges are for you. These are great because of the creativity room it offers. It’s also a popular choice. It consists of a vivid kind of texture surface and has an amazing, durable finish to it. The cherry on the top is that it is very cost-effective.

Type and Design 2: Premium Soft Enamel Pin Badges and Elite Imagery

Type: Premium Soft Enamel Pin Badges

Design: Elite Imagery

It is similar to soft enamel pin badges. The only difference is the quality. If you require an elite product under the soft enamel category, this is the best option. It has the most consistent and premium approach to converting any kind of imagery to the best possible reality.

Type and Design 3: Hard Enamel Pin Badges and Clean Designs

Type: Hard Enamel Pin Badges

Design: Clean Designs

This badge type is perfect for clean and smooth designs. It gives a sleek kind of look. It is recommended for businesses, particularly for brand awareness.

Type and Design 4: Premium Hard Enamel Pin Badges and Theme-Based Artwork

Type: Premium Hard Enamel Pin Badges

Design: Theme-Based Artwork

This is similar to the type of hard enamel pin badges. However, the only difference is premium quality and design upgradation. It is best suited for charity-giving organizations. Unlike basic hard enamel, it has no limitations in terms of design.

Type and Design 5: Wooden Pin Badges and Intricate Designs

Type: Wooden Pin Badges

Design: Intricate Designs

This category is mostly recommended for intricate designs. For instance, a wooden pin badge might be the best choice if you are a football fan and want a football theme pin badge. Any football badge designer would agree that designing a football on pin badges is tough! But with the wooden category, it’s no longer a hassle.

Type and Design 6: Rainbow-Plated Pin Badges and Colorful Designs

Type: Rainbow-plated Pin Badges

Design: Colorful Designs

This is a very unique and trending type of custom pin badge. This will truly show the vibrant rainbow colours. It has dynamic plating, which sets it apart from others. This is best suitable for summer parties and the community or people who prefer wearing multiple colours.

Type and Design 7: Printed Pin Badges and Miniature Designs

Type: Printed Pin Badges

Design: Miniature Designs

These are highly recommended for depicting your designations and slogans. And they are very great for showcasing tiny designs and details. Unlike soft and hard enamel pin badges, this type of badge shows the gradient effect.

Type and Design 8: 3D Die Cast Pin Badges and Logos

Type: 3D Die Cast Pin Badges

Design: Logos and Emblems

This is a very trending type of pin badge as it gives your design a perfect 3D effect. These are best suited for creating any kind of logos and emblems. This gives a perfect appeal and shiny finish. Its add-on is, that it cannot be replicated in other mediums. Wherever you are, this will give your attire a maximum impact.

Type and Design 9: Soft PVC Pin Badges and Playful Designs

Type: Soft PVC Pin Badges

Design: Playful Designs

It is an interesting and personal favorite category. It will give your badge a seamless, playful appeal. You can have designs ranging from cartoons to kids’ toys. These are great for kindergarten activities in school and theme-based children’s parties.

Type and Design 10: Traditional Hard Enamel Pin Badges and Souvenirs

Type: Traditional Hard Enamel Pin Badges

Design: Souvenir Designs

This type of badge is also traditional and made up of glass enamel, giving it an exquisite look. This belongs to a deep-rooted culture, so it’s widely used to give souvenirs. By having these, you will get a memorable and precious feeling.

Type and Design 11: Embroidered Pin Badges and Versatile Designs

Type: Embroidered Pin Badges

Design: Versatile Designs

Custom embroidered badges are the best pin badges and one of the popular choices among people. You can have versatile designs in this category. You can have it all in one place, from big to small, and from Christmas to Labour Day. As it has embroidery in it, these are washable and more durable than others.

Type and Design 12: Express Circle Pin Badges and Business Designs

Type: Express Circle Pin Badges

Design: Business Designs

These types of badges are highly recommended for business designs like meetings, promotional events, business events etc. Also, they can be manufactured in the least time, so their turnaround time is fast compared to others.


Why carry a pin badge?

It is important to carry a pin badge because it is used as a symbol to signify certain things. It depicts the long-rooted tradition and showcases your value towards it.

Where to place my pin badge?

You can place it on the left side of your chest. The best way to memorize its position is to remember that your heart is always right.

What type of materials can I use to make my pin badges?

You can use materials like cloth, metal, and plastic to develop your pin badges. Each of the materials has its advantages.

Is a pin badge cheaper or not?

Yes, pin badges are budget-friendly accessories. However, the cost depends on the pin badge’s type, design, and material.

Wrap Up Time

That’s all for now! As you know, a great idea needs a great execution. From selecting the type of pin badge to the design, you have to see which thing will go with what attire. If you are going to a business meeting, you should look formal. In this case, you have to pick the right pin badge for you, the ‘Express Circle Pin Badge’. And if you are going to a kid’s party, you can give your look a happening style by carrying a ‘Soft PVC Pin Badge’. So, the choice is yours, but doing it right is what fashion sense is all about.

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