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8 Fun Ways To Display Enamel Pin Badges From Custom Badges UK

Time had passed when enamel pin badges were only seen on the uniform of military people.

These days, people use them for a number of purposes, from using them as a fashion statement to showing their support for a particular cause.

So, if you possess a collection of various cute pins and they are lying in your cupboard, then take them out and let the people see them. But if you have no idea how to present them, then we are here with some fun and creative plans.

In this article, we will discuss a few compelling and innovative ways to display your enamel pin badges. So keep reading.

Redecorate Your Stuff: 10 Fun Ways To Showcase Your Enamel Pin Badges Collection

Most people possess the hobby of collecting various items.

Some like to gather coins from various countries, while others may like to accumulate buttons. But one thing that is trending these days is enamel pins; people like to stock various custom badges. So if you are one of them, then don’t let these decorative pieces stored in the box. Instead of that, display them so people can see your passion.

If you are seeking some creative ideas for showcasing them, then check out some innovative ideas that we have for you.

Attach Them On Corkboards

If you remember corkboards, then you will know how people used to add their bills or important notes on them.

Additionally, teachers also used them to display essential notifications. But in the current era, you can decorate those boards with enamel pin badges. The fact is they are so soft to hold a pin and not let it fall.

Thus, it is a great idea to showcase your collection. Incorporate all the pins on it and hang it on the wall. As a result, it will only catch the eyes of the visitor but also enhance the look of that wall.

Decorate The Lanyard

As a college student or an employee at the firm, you might have worn lanyards.

They are used to carry your ID cards or tickets. But not anymore; now you can uplift their look by adding your enamel pin badges to them. It’s an innovative way to present them as well as to add colours to your basic outfit. Moreover, it can help in representing a person’s identity and interests as well.

Making A New Lamp

Are you planning to renovate your room and thinking about throwing out the old lamps and buying new ones?

If that’s the case, then don’t; instead, bring out the new ones out of the old lamps. All you need is a few cute and colorful enamel pin badges and add them to the shades. And you are good to go. You can add dozens of these decorative pieces to them, but make sure that the lamp doesn’t tilt due to the weight.

Use To Adore Or Secure Scarf

Are you tired of managing your scarf all the time, or do you want to add a slight funkiness to it?

If yes, then you can get assistance from enamel pin badges. With the help of these decorative pieces, you can make your flowy scarf stay in place. Aside from the practical way to use them, you can also include them on your basic garments to uplift their look or add a personal touch to them.

Pin Them On Cushions

If you want to give your plane cushions a new life, then take the assistance of these enamel pins.

These days, people are using this approach to level up the looks of their pillows and cushions. It not only helps you display your badges but also helps to give color to your cushions.

You can attach these pins in various ways, like filling the half side of the cushions, or you can even draw a pattern out of them. But make sure that they justly serve the purpose of uplifting its look.

Give Your Bags An Identity

You might have heard about adding keychains on the bags to enhance their look or adding personalization to them.

But have you ever thought about decorating them with enamel pins? It’s a great way to showcase your collection to a larger audience.

With this approach, your badges will get a new purpose instead of lying in a box. Additionally, if you possess any embroidered badges, then they will look more appealing on the totes. What’s more, is that you can also incorporate them in the form of various patterns as well. So, redecorate your bags with the help of these pins.

Level Up Your Old Jacket

Are you tired of wearing the same old jacket every time?

If yes, then pull it out of the cupboard and embellish it with the help of enamel pins. These days, these badges have become a fashion statement and are used to uplift various garments.

Some people like to add only a few, but others want to fill their jackets with them. It’s up to you. So grab all your old boring outerwear and give them a new life.

Reuse The Pennants

Travel back to your past and relive the memory of any baseball match you have watched. It will surely remind you of pennants that are used to support teams.

So, if there is any of them stored in your cabinet, then bring it out and use it to display your enamel pins. This is one of the most creative ways that anyone can think of. So, demonstrate how imaginative you are to others by showcasing your pins like this. 

All in all, these are a few fun ways that can assist you in displaying your enamel pins badges. We hope these ideas will help you in giving these decorative pieces a new purpose.


In this modern era, people don’t opt for flyers or pamphlets to promote their businesses; they go for advanced ways, like enamel pins.

Aside from the corporate world, these badges are shining in the fashion industry as well. So, if you possess a hobby of collecting them, then you can get as many as you want. Don’t just store them in a box but let them help you express yourself.

We have covered a few unique and creative ways above. Now, it’s your job, how you display them and impress others.

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