Best Custom Badges for the National Back to School Month

Best Custom Badges for the National Back to School Month

We are sure most of those who land on this article are aware of ‘national back to school month.’ However, a few might not know, so for those individuals, it is the time when schools open after the summer break.

Students attempt their final examination, and after summer vacation, they are upgraded to a higher class. This month starts on the first of August every year.

This trend began in the 1960s. It brings a great opportunity for merchandisers as children set out to malls, marts, and markets with their parents.

Their shopping haul ranges from stationary, water bottles, and backpacks to clothes, shoes, etc. Merchandisers offer sales and discounts to attract more customers.

To make every moment count students order customised badges to decorate their bags, outfits, stationary pouch, and so much more this season.

Outstanding Custom Badges for the National Back to School Season

We are here to help you live your academic life to the fullest by adding excitement to your scrapbook, bag, clothes, and caps with badges.

Here are outstanding custom badges for the nation’s back-to-school season.

Do It Yourself

The first way is for creative individuals who like to create new arts and crafts. You can customize your badge the way you want.

There can be several ways to create it easily. If you are good with embroidery, then you should try making one.

You can ask for a hand from your mother or grandmother with this. There are numerous guides on YouTube on how to create cute badges. Watch them transform your ideas into practical actions.

Tumblr Inspired Badges

The second great idea is to go for a Tumblr-themed one. Thousands of photos are uploaded each day there. Choose the one that suits your taste, and then get that photo on your custom badges.

If you suffer from social anxiety, write ‘Social anxiety’ in large fonts and stick that piece on the back of your jacket or shirt. The same goes for an antisocial person.

The lovers of flowers can get small-sized daisy flowers and stick them to their bags to make them look adorable.

Another Tumblr-inspired idea is to turn any of your favorite quotes into a piece such as ‘seek your fortune’. You can stick it to the front pocket side of your t-shirt.

Landmark Badges

Here comes another option which is usually used to give honor to a place or adventure. You can customize this one with your country’s flag or any famous monument of your city or country.

If you have visited any city or foreign nation during your summer break, you can get one made on it too, like ‘I have been to New York.’

This is also a great option to gift your best friend. You can present your honor to that place and your friend where you both had the best time. This can be a sign of a great memory and will strengthen your bonding with each other.

Letterman jacket

The term letterman jacket is a baseball-styled jacket that is awarded to students as a reward for their top performance in either academics or sports.

They wear it to represent their school or college and as the pride of their achievements. You can decorate it even further by adding letterman-themed badges to them.

The best area to add them is on your left sleeve of the jacket as there is already a number on your right sleeve.

Wearing this jacket along with blue jeans, and a white beanie can be good enough to boost your confidence in your outfit. Wear a pair of white sneakers to finish off this back-to-school look.

You must try this method as this is tried and tested. Another way to style is to pair up your jacket with black pants and lastly ensemble the look with brown boots.

Letter Insignia for Back-To-School

Here comes one more idea to feel the vibes of this season. You can try out the letter insignia. You can also step up your back-to-school game with custom school badges to get ready for the first day at school.

This type has great importance for students, especially sports lovers. You can use it to add more colors to your dull dress. Sometimes, this is awarded as a reward for acquiring a high position in athletics.

Badges for Headgear

If you either love to wear a beanie or cap or use it to protect your face from sunlight. Either way, you can add fun to them by introducing cute or fancy badges to them.

Embroidery and sticker insignia would be the most suitable in this case. You can fix them to your hat, cap, or beanie by multiple methods. The major ways are to sew and stick it with glue or hot iron.

Create A Collage

If you are artistic, you should create a collage or frame using all your badges. You can order more emblems based on the same theme if your previous collection is inadequate.

This way, you would be reusing the ones you no longer use. You can decorate the basic wall of your room or classroom with it.

Add Coolness To Your Hoodie

Hoodies are considered to be cool apparel. It is styled by boys and girls regularly on school days. You can add a dash of coolness to your hoodie by using personalized emblems.

You can get the initial letter of your name written on it in some bold color. Another option is to go for flowers or gemstone emblems.

Go Funky

In case you ordered numerous customized lovely badges during your summer vacation and are confused about their usage. We got a superb idea for you. You can stick them all onto your jeans dress.

Introduce several hues to your simple monocolored outfit and turn it into a funky dress. You can pair it up with sneakers and shades.

Final Thoughts

You have reached the end of the list of outstanding custom made badges for the national back-to-school season. We are sure after reading this article, you are excited to get a whole collection of badges themed around this season.

We hope this article whispers the most creative idea of a badge in your ear and that you can carry it out the right way.