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How Football Badges Have Evolved Over The Decades

A logo matters a lot for any company as it is the identification of its brand. Whenever we see a red, blue, and white colored sphere-like shape, it instantly reminds us of the world-famous Pepsi. All the popular brands have a logo that reminds the consumer about them.

Similarly, all the football clubs have a badge that conveys their uniqueness to the people. However, those emblems have gone through several changes during the journey to perfection. The question arises, why do football clubs change their badge? There are various reasons behind it.

Everything needs amendment with time; nothing stays the same. As players constantly practice to improve their performance, they make sure that their emblems stay up to date.

Evolution of Football Badges

Today, we will take you on the journey of the evolution of emblems of famous clubs. Several teams have made multiple changes to their emblems, some of them are drastic ones. However, we picked the seven most popular teams to discuss their history.

Barcelona Club

Throughout history, Barcelona club has shown that it has the most iconic football badges. Their crest has gone through changes multiple times from 1899 to this day. Let’s look deeper into these changes.

The initial Barcelona crest has a green wreath enclosing a heraldic rhombus with a golden crown and bat on its head. Commemorate this version by wearing it again. You can get them from websites that provide custom badges UK as the oldest version is rarely available in a local market.

The heraldic rhombus was transformed into an ornate shield that had a golden-colored outline in 1910. This shield was divided into two parts by a white banner that has the abbreviation as F.C.B. The upper part of the shield consisted of two further segments.

After this edition, there was no change in recognition. However, the hues, wordmark, and contour were several amendments throughout the period.

Chelsea F.C

Chelsea mainly introduced four main types of emblems. Other editions have a slight amendment made to them. The insignia of Chelsea F.C was first introduced as Chelsea pensioner breaking out of the circle in 1905.

Light blue and white hues are used in its making. A new, uniquely designed insignia made a debut in 1952, consisting of “C.F.C.” letters interlocked with each other, placed inside the light blue colored shield.

The year 1953 brought a new look to the Chelsea logo, a blue lion holding a staff inside a circle that has two flowers and balls on its side. The royal vibes look transformed into a modern and decent one in 1986.

The abbreviation, “C.F.C.” was in bigger fonts, and the lion kept his legs on the opposite ‘C’ letter surrounded by a blue circle. The current version is similar to the one in 1953 with a 3D appearance.

Associazione Calcio Milan

Associazione Calcio Milan, commonly called AC Milan or simply Milan, is a popular football team. The name Milan comes after the location it was founded in, Milan, Italy, in 1899.

This team has always gone through changes to give their best shot. If we look at their crest, we will notice a red cross on a white background that makes the entire piece stick out among the other ones.

This red cross that attracts attention is popularly known as St. George’s cross. Though this crest has been changed more than five times, the red cross and oval shape have remained stable.

If you look at the current edition, you will notice a circle inside an oval shape. The abbreviation, ‘A.C.M.,’ and the year they came into existence, ‘1899’, are placed outside the circle. The red cross and club colors are projected inside the circle.

Arsenal F.C

Arsenal F.C is another great club that was founded in Islington, London, England. If you’re either a citizen of London or a die-hard fan of this team, you will notice how Arsenal F.C anticipated the period of revolution.

Although the team came into existence in 1886, they adopted their first emblem in 1888. Its design greatly focused on the coats of arms of the Borough of Woolwich. The appearance remained constant until 1949, ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’ was introduced to the design.

Today’s logo has become less cumbrous compared to the previous ones. The absence of the motto ‘Victoria Concordia crescit’ is out in the open. There is also a change in the direction of the cannon from left to right.

You would get to see outstanding football badge embroidery in this type. The players look debonair wearing Arsenal F.C t-shirts. You can also get in the sporty vibes by wearing their shirt.

Atletico Madrid

Atlético de Madrid is more commonly called Atleti among the Spanish-speaking people. However, if you are not Spanish, you might know them as Atletico Madrid because they are referred to at the international level.

Their team plays home games at Metropolitano stadium, which is watched and cheered by 68,456 audiences. They used a color combination of blue and white at the beginning of the journey.

The Royal Spanish crown was added to the emblem to sprinkle a dash of royalness in 1939 but was removed later. Later on, changed to the color contrast of red and blue strips just the same as on their jersey. At first, the Initials of their name were represented on the crest.

However, after some time, the Coat of arms of Madrid, alongside the blue and white jersey strips, became the identification. These football badges are

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Real Madrid

Real Madrid Club de Futbol, more commonly referred to as Real Madrid, is another top Spanish team that is eminent throughout the entire globe. It started in 1902, with the dark blue-colored initials’ M.C.F.’ overlapping each other.

Later on, the letters M.C.F. were enveloped inside a dark blue sphere. The next prominent change appeared when King Alfonso XIII granted the club his patronage. To express their proud moment, they included a crown on the head of the circle in the same hue as used before.

Some changes in the club’s politics resulted in overthrowing the word ‘real’ from the crest. Instead, a dark mulberry band was added in the mid. In 1941, a royal-looking crown was added to give a more rich vibe once again.

If we take a look at the current embark, which came into existence in 2001, it is an enhanced version of the previous one.


Another popular squad, Liverpool F.C, is based in London, England. The first crest appeared from 1968 till 1987, having abbreviated letters and duration between a red Liverbird.

Several amendments were made to that design throughout history. The current one has a red Liverbird inside the heraldic ribbon in which the foundation date is indicated, along with flames on either side.

By the way, if you are wondering, how many football coaching badges are there?

There are five levels of crest a coach can acquire. F.A. level 1 to 3 emblems are enough. However, the level five emblem is the highest one can acquire to become a head coach for the team.

Wrap Up

We end with how football badges have evolved over the decades. We informed you about the detailed and rich history of the seven top famous clubs in this sport.

Before reading this article, you might just know about the current design, but you are aware of the rendition they went through now. You can also share this article with the sports aficionado to get them aware of this interesting history.

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